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We are one of the market leaders in turnkey construction in Germany. We build properties of any size for our customers, including many renowned companies.

Our family-owned company, with headquarters in Paderborn, specialises in office, logistics and production buildings, furniture stores, cold stores and hypermarkets. A team of experienced project and construction managers, reliable planners and, last but not least, dedicated employees in production and on the construction sites ensures that every customer project is completed on time, within budget and to the highest quality standards - reliably and regardless of the size.

Contact partners for your entire building project

According to the one-stop principle, we manage construction projects holistically on request and are then the continuous contact partner for our customers from project development to planning and the construction phase to the economic operation of an object. Thanks to flexible production of prefabricated parts at the Paderborn and Leipzig sites, we serve numerous construction projects as a subcontractor. 

Competence and solutions

BREMER's management consists of Michael Dufhues (board member), Wilhelm Bremer (owner), Dr. Matthias Molter and Torsten Schuff (board members). Together with the employees at all locations, they ensure that customers receive their desired solution from a single source. Advice with expertise and foresight focusing on the essentials and characterised by a sense of economy and efficient execution forms the basis for this.

The BREMER Company

»We keep an eye on tomorrow's challenges and meet them with openness when it comes to new building materials and technologies.«

Corporate Mission

Basic understanding

We focus everything we do on creating a higher quality of life for our clients and contributing to their success. By generating added value and growth, we help to secure the economic existence of our customers. Passion for building, making the best use of resources, creating value, a sense of family, solidarity, reliability, partnership, lasting commitment, treating people the way we want to be treated, these are all values that drive us.

Society and the environment

We work and build in a way that conserves resources by combining location, building, technology and use at an early stage and viewing them as a unit. We permanently optimise the value-added and supply chain in close coordination with our customers. We replace resources that are becoming scarce with alternative products and methods. 

A future worth living

We give people the space to develop in a self-determined way. The result is satisfied employees, customers and partners.

Home port for employees

As a company, we are transparent, delegate responsibility and encourage employees. We give every employee the opportunity to work according to their abilities and talents and to act on their own responsibility. We solve tasks in an agile manner, which creates security and trust.

Anchor point for clients

Our competence is the basis for mutual understanding. This is all the more important as different perspectives lead to an optimal solution. Collaboration based on value and trust creates lasting customer loyalty. 

A "grandchild-friendly" future

Through knowledge transfer and action, we ensure that our competencies are preserved and continuously developed. In this way, we make a sustainable contribution to an ecologically and socially stable society. 

Our Vision

Customers choose BREMER as their partner because they know that, through close cooperation, we will ensure that their wishes are completely fulfilled at an early stage of planning. 

Our employees work self-determined and with passion.

By organising our projects in an agile manner, we achieve the optimal result for all project participants.

BREMER manages construction projects holistically and is then a continuous point of contact for its clients, from the planning stage through the construction phase to the economic operation of a property.

Sustainability for our customers

Climate change is also a key challenge for the construction industry. We are aware of our responsibility as a company, which is why we have firmly anchored the topic of sustainability in our guidelines. 

We understand sustainability holistically. That is why, beyond climate and environmental protection and economics, all the aspects that affect people are important to us - in our company and, with our socio-cultural commitment, beyond.

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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Experiencing complex projects in advance and assessing the effects of various variables: that’s what Building Information Modeling can do. Anyone who builds with BREMER benefits from networking solutions in the planning, construction and management of buildings.
In the digital planning process, we define the workflow and monitor the schedule and work processes. The intelligent knowledge database from the planning and construction process provides our customers with useful information throughout the entire life cycle of their building.

Facts and Figures

BREMER generated a turnover of EUR 1,200 million in 2022 and produced precast elements with a volume of 137,000 cbm. 1,300 employees are passionately committed to customer success day after day.