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Basic principles of our actions

Since its foundation in 1947, the success story of the family-owned company BREMER has been based on the lived values of quality, innovation, trust and reliability. They are the compass for our actions and thus the foundation of our success. On this basis, we have jointly earned a very good reputation through outstanding performance, operate as one of the leading companies in Germany and are in the public eye.

Our group of companies is subject to a multitude of complex legal regulations and a wide variety of national and international legal frameworks that must be observed and implemented. Non-compliance with these requirements can result in considerable disadvantages for BREMER SE and each of its subsidiaries, as well as for us personally, regardless of whether we are members of the Executive Board, managing directors or employees. In addition to immense economic losses, such as fines and penalties, this also includes personal sanctions, which are regularly accompanied by reputational damage. All of this must be avoided at all times.

Compliance with clear guidelines and our values is essential for this purpose. This Code of Conduct is therefore a further building block to ensure our success story and the well-being of the BREMER Group not only now, but also for the future. It is intended to serve as a guideline in our daily work and to provide orientation when dealing with unusual situations.

The principles and values set out represent binding rules for responsible action within the framework of our activities at the BREMER Group and in our dealings with customers, business partners and other external parties. This guideline does not claim to be exhaustive, but rather reflects our common promise of lawful and ethically impeccable business conduct by naming central rules of conduct.

We, BREMER SE and its subsidiaries, define the basic principles of our actions bindingly and centrally for all corporate divisions:

Economic efficiency with constant consideration of the applicable laws as well as regulations and moral principles.

Our code of conduct

With this Code of Conduct, all of us, from the Supervisory Board to the Management Board to all employees, expressly and unreservedly commit ourselves to integrity, lawful conduct, moral principles and a sense of responsibility. Our claim to conduct all business in a morally and legally impeccable manner is inextricably linked to compliance with all applicable laws and official regulations at all times and without exception. The same applies for internal instructions and guidelines of the BREMER Group, which implement the Code of Conduct in individual areas.

Michael Dufhues, Executive Board

»The quality of our work is based on our values and guidelines. This is a tradition at BREMER.«

We are fundamentally fair

Our entrepreneurial activity also reflects our common understanding of respect and tolerance. For us, the personal dignity and individual esteem of every person are important cornerstones of unprejudiced and open behavior. Accordingly, we do not tolerate any form of discrimination, disrespect or harassment based on age, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, and identity, physical or mental impairment, religion or belief, or any other characteristic protected by law.

In this spirit, we at BREMER attach the highest importance to fair dealings with each other and with our business partners. We also take a clear position in connection with foreign business relationships: In addition to complying with German regulations, we base our actions on the laws and regulations applicable in the respective country, while respecting the social norms and traditions prevailing in the cultural area concerned.

A strong sense of responsibility

Our social and economic responsibility is reflected in all our business activities. For example, we avoid conflicts of interest and protect the Group's assets. We also use natural resources responsibly and are committed to acting in an environmentally compatible and sustainable manner. Our corporate mission serves as a further guideline here. At the same time, we strive for consistently high quality in our business activities. Committed to this goal, we comply with all regulations to ensure product and workplace safety and live up to the premise of energy conservation.

In addition, the protection of free competition is a high priority for our business objectives. Accordingly, the principles of the market economy are practiced without restriction and are an integral part of our corporate culture.

We all make an indispensable contribution to our success; accordingly, each and every one of us is also personally responsible for compliance with the rules and principles of the Code of Conduct. In this way, each individual contributes to securing the outstanding position in the market as well as to even further strengthening the trust of our customers in the performance and integrity of the BREMER Group, in addition to our business partners.

Any behavior that is not in line with this Code of Conduct is detrimental to us and is never in the interest of BREMER.

Data policy

The careful handling of personal data of employees and business partners is a high priority for us. We respect the rights of those whose data we collect at all times, secure or process and take all necessary and appropriate measures to protect personal data and confidential business information from unauthorized access.

Only authorized persons are allowed to disclose selected business-related information to the public, the media or other third parties in individual cases.

We are aware that we can be perceived as part of and representative of BREMER in our private lives. Even in the context of leisure activities, we therefore live up to our responsibility for the reputation of the company and uphold the principles laid down in the Code of Conduct.

We consistently follow up on any indications of possible violations. Therefore, it is important that every employee has sufficient knowledge of the legal framework affecting his or her area of responsibility.

For this purpose and in the event of questions regarding this Code of Conduct and its application in individual cases, we can contact our immediate supervisor, the managing directors, or the Executive Board directly at any time.

The above statements are binding guidelines for our actions as the Executive Board; however, we also expect our employees and managing directors to comply with these requirements in full.

The executive board

Torsten Schuff

Board member

Matthias Molter

Board member

Michael Dufhues

Board member