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Grüner Weg 28-48
D-33098 Paderborn

Tel. +49 5251 770-0
Fax +49 5251 770-110

AG Paderborn HRB 17061
USt-IdNr. DE 220994226
St.-Nr. 339/5889/0175

Supervisory Board Chairman: Dr. Klaus Lesker
Directors: Michael Dufhues, Dr. Matthias Molter, Torsten Schuff
Person responsible according to German press law: Michael Dufhues
Technical Administrator: Christian Franz Hammerl



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As content provider pursuant to Sec. 7 Para. 1 of the German Telemedia Act (Telemediengesetz), BREMER SE is responsible for its "own content" on this site in accordance with general legislation. A distinction needs to be made between own content and linked content of external websites. Where links are provided, BREMER SE makes "external content" available for use. Links are always "living" (dynamic) references. When they are first set up, the external content is reviewed by Bremer AG to establish whether it might trigger civil or criminal liability. However, external linked content is not constantly monitored for alterations which could provide new grounds for liability.  If BREMER SE becomes aware or is informed by a third party that specific content linked from this website might trigger civil or criminal liability, the link to that content shall be removed.