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Head office Paderborn

Paderborn is a very special location for our company. The acquisition of the first Grüner Weg site in 1957 laid the foundations for our successful development. And it is still the company's headquarters today, the hub of national and international…

Plant Paderborn

Expertise, engineering and a great deal of experience – that is what we offer at one of Germany's biggest precast concrete element plants. Whether you need large numbers of units or special span lengths, we offer a customised product made in our own…


The establishment of the Stuttgart subsidiary in 2002 erected a beacon in the South of Germany signalling BREMER proficiency in the turnkey construction of precast reinforced concrete element structures. References include many big names in industry…


We have operated in Leipzig as a general contractor for turnkey industrial construction since 2013. Our regional activities are clustered mainly in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Berlin and Brandenburg.

Plant Leipzig

The aim of establishing our precast concrete element plant in 2012 was to supply Central Germany's regional markets and scale up production capacity as a whole. The construction of a new rail connection also permits the economical, sustainable and…


Established in January 2015, our Hamburg team caters for the entire North of Germany, with Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover as focal areas. We act as general contractor for clients.


With the creation of an independent subsidiary in Ingolstadt in 2015, BREMER established a strong presence in Bavaria. As general contractor and construction manager, BREMER INGOLSTADT acts as a cross-sectoral supplier. Clients range from investors…


BREMER Bremen was originally established to strengthen the northern German area and focus on the regions of Oldenburg, Bremen and north-west Germany.


Established in 2017 as a branch of BREMER Leipzig GmbH, BREMER Berlin-Brandenburg has been an independent subsidiary since 2022. In recent years, several construction projects have been successfully implemented in the region


Our subsidiary in the heart of the Ruhr started operating in 2015. Based in Bochum, it has responsibility for the Rhine-Ruhr area. The focus is on small and medium-sized companies in a range of sectors. Partnership, customised real estate and…


To strengthen the south-west of Germany, we founded the Karlsruhe branch in June 2021. As a technology center on the Upper-Rhine, Karlsruhe is an attractive location for new business settlements. Innovation and strong networks as well as targeted…


With the establishment of the Erfurt branch in 2023, BREMER is also marking its expertise in turnkey construction with prefabricated reinforced concrete parts in Thuringia.


Seit dem Jahr 2024 ist BREMER mit einer Niederlassung in Münster vertreten und bietet als Generalunternehmer schlüsselfertigen Industrie- und Gewerbebau an.


To intensify our work in Lower Saxony, we founded our branch office in Hannover, in 2021.


To create, maintain and increase property value – that is the mission that drives BREMER Projektentwicklung to establish a local presence across the property sector, with a special focus on the office, retail, commercial and manufacturing property…

Temperature-controlled logistics properties

Cool expertise

BREMER greentech

Immobilienwerte schaffen, erhalten, steigern: Mit diesem Anspruch zeigt die BREMER Projektentwicklung in der breiten Palette der Immobilienwirtschaft eine kundennahe Präsenz, insbesondere in den Bereichen Büro- und Einzelhandelsimmobilien sowie…


The BREMER planning company has been carrying out planning services for all companies since 2018. The interdisciplinary team of experts consists of more than 100 employees in the areas of architecture, technical building equipment, building physics,…


Our promise of providing your future property from a single source also applies in Poland. For more than ten years. Our branch in Krakow has firmly established itself in the Polish market with the typical reliability, flexibility, efficiency and…