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5.530 m²


Halle 104,6 / 45,6 / 8,5 m; Büro 41,5 / 8,6 / 11,1 m


Logistikgebäude, Bürogebäude



Construction time

July 2023 - June 2024

Object description

In the south of Berlin, BREMER is building a transshipment hall with an attached office building for the investor Operatio. The 5,530 m² new building with 48 dock levellers and a total of 49 gates is used by the logistics company DHL.

The logistics property is being built using proven BREMER precast concrete construction with a metal sandwich facade and a trapezoidal sheet metal construction as a warm roof. The installation of a high-performance photovoltaic system is also planned on the roof.

The three-story office building is divided into a basement, ground floor and upper floor. The entire building is heated via underfloor heating in conjunction with an efficient air heat pump. The roof of the office building is covered with greenery for insulation and a pleasant building climate. A later expansion is also possible without any problems: the supporting structure is statically dimensioned so that two additional upper floors can be added.

The entire project places great emphasis on sustainability, renewable energies and the responsible use of natural resources. Among other things, rainwater is collected in a cistern to be used as industrial water and to irrigate the green areas.

Baustellen Webcam

Baustellen Webcam