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Werther logistics buildings Uelzen

Object location


Service scrope


Building type

Logistics Buildings

Floor space

11.500 m²


Halle 140 / 80 / 13,92 m

Construction period

September 2023 bis May 2024

Object description

BREMER is building a new logistics center for Werther Logistik in Uelzen. The project covers an area of 25,000 m² and will include various facilities, such as:

  • Logistics area: A spacious storage area of 10,000 m² with narrow-aisle racking and block storage areas.
  • Tank washing facility: The logistics center will include a 400 m² tank washing hall for the thorough cleaning of tank vehicles used in the food industry.
  • Truck workshop: The truck workshop will cover an area of 200 m² and provide the necessary infrastructure for the maintenance and repair of trucks.
  • Offices and social areas: The offices and social areas will be housed in solid hall installations as well as on the lightweight steel-concrete mezzanine.


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