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ROMA KG logistics buildings

Object location


Service scrope


Building type

Logistics buildings

Floor space

1.828 m²


63 / 38 / 10,60 m

Construction period

Dec. 2017 - August 2018

Object description

The project is for an extension to the existing production building Werk II on the ROMA KG works site in Burgau. The new building section will be used as a warehouse and is partially fitted with mobile shelving units. Integrated in the north facade is a roller door/high-speed door combination. The east facade features aluminium strip windows.

In addition, the space between the halls Werk II and Werk III is covered by a steel structure clad in trapezoidal metal sheeting to create a sheltered drive-through area.
Furthermore, extensive modification of the existing building is required to create a spatial link between the existing Werk II and the Werk II extension.



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